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Irma's Chef Services

Enjoy private chef services in the comforts of your beach home. Our chef offers local fresh​ ​local food prepared with traditional Mexican, Mayan, and Aztec flavors. Irma uses only the​ ​freshest local ingredients and purchases her fish from the local fish market.

Her choice of fish, vegetables, and fruits are inspired by what is in season.​ ​Meals are served family-style. Please choose one menu for your group, unless someone has a​ ​dietary restriction.

We arrange Irma’s services to make things easier for our guests, but she is an Independent​ ​Chef and not an employee of Mahayana. Please respect the mealtimes and have the space​ ​clean for her to work her magic.

Private Chef Services at Mahayana Tulum


Please choose one starter from the following options:

1. Irma’s Tortilla Soup

2. Supresa Salad: spinach, lettuce, basil, mango, sweet peppers + avocado w/ vinaigrette.

3. Refresca Salad: julienne carrots, cucumber, jicama and oranges drizzled w/ olive oil.

Please choose one main from the following options:

1. Mayan Fish marinated in Achiote spices and cooked in banana leaf, served w/grilled tomato + tamarind sauce or mango chutney, grilled vegetables and rice.

2. Fillet of fish w/ mango sauce and a hint of chipotle // Or grilled fish with garlic, grilled vegetables and wild rice.

3. Traditional Cochinita - pulled pork w/ achiote spices, served with charro beans, rice + fresh tortillas.

4. Mayan Chicken Breast wrapped in corn leaf w/ achiote, served w/ fried banana, grilled vegetables + wild rice.

5. Chicken Fajitas - marinated chicken w/ flour tortillas (or corn by request), served with grilled vegetables and fresh salsas.

6. Vegetarian Tamales prepared in banana leaf w/ tomato sauce, grilled veggies and wild rice.


Please choose one dessert from the following options:

1. Banana Flambe with vanilla ice cream

2. Ice Cream with Seasonal Fruit Sauce

All meals include Guacamole and Pico de Gallo with tortilla chips and side dishes.

* Ceviche can be added by request (fish, mixed seafood, or Vegetarian w/ mango, cucumber, watermelon).

You are welcome to add more than one main or starter; however, it will increase the quoted prep time and add to the cost of the groceries. Extra charges will apply.


Choose one option:

1. Fish Tacos + Ceviche.

2. Quesadillas: Mushroom, Chorizo and/or Squash Blossom + Ceviche

3. Fajitas: Chicken, Arachera (beef), or Vegetarian + Ceviche.

All served with Guacamole and Pico de Gallo with tortilla chips.
All served with fresh tortillas and green, red, and habanero salsa.

You are welcome to add more than one main; however, it will increase the quoted prep time and add to the cost of the groceries.



Irma will prepare a breakfast of the following:

Your choice of Chilaquiles // or Huevos Rancheros. *Scrambled eggs upon request.
Seasonal fruit
Fresh Tortillas

You are welcome to add any of the following by request:

• coffee or tea
• fresh pressed orange juice
• fruit, yogurt and granola
• chorizo
• pancakes for kids

In house chef services are a special offering and provide a wonderful authentic Mexican culinary experience to add to your stay.

Please contact Chabely by What’s App at +52 1 984 311 0012 to book.

Rates are for the cost of the service only (groceries and tip are extra). Rates are per person and get lower as the number of guests increase.

Rates are in USD and include the 16% VAT.

No. People








































Full Day










Chef Irma will shop, prepare the food, serve and clean up after the service. She will present you with the receipt for groceries for reimbursement.

For groups of more than 10 please ask for a custom quote.

Kids 6 and under are free.

*service subject to availability. These are current rates and may change over time.