And they lived happily ever after...

Updated: Feb 8

Aimee Monihan (@tropical_os) is a Destination Wedding Planner and planned the wedding of Ryan and Britt Perone in Tulum in January.

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It was the first wedding she coordinated in the area and we connected in the early days of planning – January 2018. Aimee stayed with us at Mahayana to get a sense of who we are and to see what options we could provide for accommodation. Aimee and Brittany (the bride) loved the feeling of the Mahayana Property, but needed something bigger. At the time, we were in the very early stages of Zorba – just breaking ground really. However, Aimee and Brittany looked at the renders and did a site visit where they were able to see through the mounds of rebar and cinderblocks to the vision we had for the Zorba Property. The immediately booked Zorba for January 2019. They were one of our very first bookings at the yet to be completed Zorba.

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Aimee decided to book Chiringuito (right next door) as the wedding venue and to host the guests at the combination of Chiringuito and Zorba.  The combination provided the capacity they were looking for and the amenities to host a wedding and reception.

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Most of the wedding activities were planned for the Chiringuito property.  However, when Brittany and Aimee returned to Tulum for the festivities, they were impressed with the Zorba property and preferred the beachfront in front of our Villas. With a few last minute adjustments, they decided to move the location of the beach ceremony in front of Zorba where the beach is a bit wider.

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The wedding was a big success and gorgeous! It was featured in Style Me Pretty with the combined venue of Chiringuito + Zorba.

When Kleinfield Bridal got a glimpse of the wedding on Style Me Pretty, they knew right away they wanted to work with Aimee for their next campaign.

As we had such a wonderful time working together, Aimee reached out to Zorba as the perfect location to host the Kleinfeld group and provide a location for the shoot.

We were delighted to host their talented team of planners, photographers, florists, and models, and immediately booked them for the event.

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During their 3-4 days in the Tulum beach area, Zorba was their home base while they explore the area to create a stunning spring campaign for Kleinfeld and Kleinfeld Bridal Wear.

The rest is history!


Pic by @kleinfeldbridal via Instagram

Pic by @kleinfeldbridalparty via Instagram

Pic by @kleinfeldbridalparty via Instagram