Planning a Tulum Wedding

As a wedding location, Tulum, Mexico has a certain palpable magic.  It is a kind of romantic energy that pulses through the land and the people that have made their life here.  Unlike many tourist spots across Mexico, Tulum has retained a kind of doe-eyed innocence in that face big development.  This makes Tulum a much-desired location for intimate weddings and gatherings.

The traits that separate Tulum from other destinations in Mexico is the bohemian tranquility and authentic character of the land, businesses, and people here.  Success is not greedy and the profile of the typical establishment here all follow a common belief in preserving the unique beauty of nature and fostering a strong community.  With this, planning a wedding or event in Tulum can feel worlds away from the cookie-cutter taste of the big resorts in other parts of Mexico.  You can find true artisans and passionate small business owners to help execute the details of your special day with love and care.  We suggest hiring a wedding planner to help coordinate the relationships; however, if you begin to look, you will find that our town is full of purveyors of slow-living and creating beauty in the world.

Over the rainbow Tulum Wedding at Mahayana Tulum Beach Homes

At a venue like our properties at Mahayana Tulum, guests are able to experience total privacy while enjoying Tulum’s breathtaking seaside.  It is an unparalleled location and a true delight to see the reaction of guests enjoying the natural beauty of their surroundings during a very special event.

Whether you are planning a wedding or any type of get-together, we believe that Tulum is a truly special place to gather friends and family.  If you are interested in learning more about throwing an event at Mahayana Tulum do not hesitate to contact me directly at  


Private Wedding in our tucked away beachfront location

Mahayana Tulum Beach Homes is a collection of exclusive beachfront villas in Tulum, Mexico. For more information on our homes or to book your stay, please visit

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