Our Version of Heaven: Tulum, Mexico

Updated: Feb 8

Tulum is where you can find a vibrate and unique cross-section of cultures, people and cuisine.  Located in the Yucatan Peninsula, this area is extremely special and peaceful. Why it is such a special place?  To us, the Yucatan Peninsula is one of the more raw and authentic places you could visit in Mexico. A trip to our part of the world can be truly inspiring if you understand a little about the history and geography of the area. To gain a better understanding of the entire area, it is essential to consult a map.  As you can see below, the Yucatan Peninsula sits between the Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean Sea.  The area is comprised of three Mexican States called Yucatan, Campeche and Quintana Roo (which is where you find Tulum). The Peninsula also encompasses parts of Belize and Guatemala.  It is quite a large area.

Tulum, Mexico is located in the Yucatan Peninsula
Where is Tulum, Mexico?

The breathtaking beaches of Tulum are parts of the strip of land that boarders the Caribbean Sea.  This zone is referred to as Riviera Maya and it begins near Cancun and finishes in Tulum (although there are other beaches beyond that are less developed.)  While Cancun is very built up, it is incredible to witness how the landscape and vibe changes as you move farther south from the international airport.  High rises are virtually nonexistent as you leave the city and what is left is the natural beauty of the area that intensifies as you move closer to our Mahayana homes in Tulum.

Traditional Mayan Dress

The land across the Yucatan Peninsula has not been “built up” for very long.  A glimpse into the area a mere 50 years ago would have been shockingly different— mostly housing native people and jungle aside from a few key cities, such as Merida.  With this, the history of the area can be quickly traced to the Mayan roots from which it sprang.  Once the epicenter of the Americas with the ancient city of Chichen Itza, the modern world has been slowly penetrating the virgin land and jungles that grow widely across the area.  Even so, enclaves of native Mayan people are still thriving and there are many pockets of traditional settlements that can be found deep within the jungle.  The Mayan language is still widely spoken and, if you pay attention, there is amazing native cuisine to enjoy.

While you’re visiting the area, we encourage you to take a deeper look at the native ruins and dig a little deeper into the rich Mayan culture.  There is much to discover and learn about these amazing people and taking some time to understand the context of their existence will prove to deliver a more enriching experience during your time in Mexico.

Many travelers come to visit us in Tulum without much context of where our unique pueblo in situated.  Mexico is an amazingly vibrant country with varying terrain, cultures, dialects, food, and traditions.  There is so much to discover right outside our doorstep; which you can read about in our quick area guide to adventures around Tulum.

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