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Where To Eat in Tulum Close to Mahayana

Updated: 2 days ago

There is a flourishing culinary scene along Tulum beach only steps from our Mahayana Tulum Beach Homes property. With so many fresh ingredients and talented chefs, local restaurants are able to offer a variety of yummy foods and cocktails. There are incredible options for breakfast, lunch, and dinner within a few minutes from our Mahayana Tulum property. Here are some favourites we recommend exploring within a 5 minute walk - plus Posada Margherita which is a bit further, but a personal favourite.

Restaurant food in Tulum

Some of our favorite restaurants near Mahayana Tulum include:

Tulum Treehouse Visit Website No advertising. No photos. Limited number of people. An inconspicuous entrance. It’s almost like Tulum Treehouse Restaurant doesn’t want you to know about their private, speakeasy-like dinner experience. But for those of us in the know it is at the top of our list. The dishes are cooked over an open fired fuelled exclusively by wood. The chef uses antique techniques when applicable to bring back the Mayan flavors to the table. Dishes can be enjoyed a la carte or immerse yourself in textures and flavours with a tasting menu. Dinners feature live music or dj and the experience is sure to be a feast for the soul as well as the senses.

Arca Visit Website Arca is arguably the top restaurant in Tulum serving fresh locally inspired upscale Mexican and Mayan cuisine with creativity and style. Each dish is a work or art and there place on the list of top 50 restaurants in North America and recent Michelin Star are well deserved. The ambiance is inviting with candles and twinking lights, and the food and cocktails are sure to impress. They also have an incredible selection of Mexican wines for those wanting to sample the fruits of the country's terroir. It is a few steps closer than Hartwood and the food is next level! Vegan options available. Dishes are meant for sharing.

Hartwood Visit Website Hartwood is only a couple mins walk from Mahayana. It is a small bustling open air restaurant with a strong farm to table ethos and everchanging menu inspired by what is in season and freshly harvested. This spot put Tulum dining on the map and lives up to the hype. Reservations required. Hartwood accepts reservations through their website the month before or we can set up a reservation for our Mahayana guests.

Posada Margherita Visit Website Posada Margherita is a classic on the beach. They have been serving their fresh Italian meals with the most romantic candlelight ambiance on the beach for years. It is still amazing. Posada is a longer walk or a short ride by taxi.

La Zebra Visit Website La Zebra is a hub on the beach for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. They serve fresh Mexican cuisine emphasizing local ingredients. They serve fresh cocktails and often have music. Sundays they host a free salsa dancing class from 2pm - 3pm. With the beachfront location and the playground area this is an ideal spot for groups and families to dine. Thursdays are 2x1 Tacos.

Tulum Munchies Visit Website Tulumunchies is a food truck court just a few minutes walk South along the beach road from Mahayana. It is open daily from noon until midnight so a great option for those arriving late and looking for an inexpensive and casual place for a bite and margarita. There are options for wood fired pizzas, burgers, tacos, and poke bowls. They also have a happy hour from 6pm - 8pm and offer 2 X1 drinks.

Mahayana Tulum is an exclusive collection of luxury beach homes in Tulum, Mexico.

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