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Elevate your Soul at the Beach

Updated: Jan 5

From the moment we stepped foot onto the wild, uncharted beaches of Tulum, Mexico, we were enchanted by the simplicity of the beauty of this place. The atmosphere is open and creative but there is one element that ties it all together. It is a curiosity and desire to improve and elevate not only the town but also the experience for travelers. This is also our mission at Mahayana Tulum. We can make the choice to implement positive change in our lives at any moment, but it is during the New Year when we are most conscious of a new chapter starting and having a fresh start. For many years, we were known as "Tulum Beach Homes;" however, in 2017 we began a new chapter-- one which aims to infuse more deeply the philosophies about life and travel that motivated us to begin our small business in the first place.

The name Mahayana was inspired by one of the main branches of Buddhism that also takes the same name. In this Buddhist belief system anyone, not just monks, can achieve enlightenment. The roots of the name can be traced back to the Sanskrit words "maha" which means "great" and "yana" which means "vehicle." For us, we hope to be a vehicle for guests on their path towards enlightenment (or, at the very least, connection and relaxation). In a world where we are constantly bombarded with images and ideas of perfection or how we are "supposed" to be-- we offer a refuge for people seeking a place to clear their minds and agendas in order to re-center themselves. Come and spend a quiet afternoon enjoying the sea breeze and sharing time with loved ones and it will become clear that the thing that truly elevates our souls is the opportunity to pass time in the company of those we care most about. How will you reconnect with those people this year? We hope to see you at Mahayana Tulum in the upcoming months and look forward to welcoming you soon! Mahayana Tulum Beach Homes is a collection of exclusive beachfront villas in Tulum, Mexico.

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