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Where to find reliable Wifi in Tulum

If you’ve been to Tulum, then you’ll be familiar with how spotty (at best) the wifi can be along the coast where our Mahayana and Zorba Beach Homes are located. We’ve seen guests struggling to connect to the internet or losing hours of precious beach time with slow wifi. This is why we are thrilled to announce the installation of our fiber optics internet connection, making our luxury villas the properties with the fastest, most reliable connection on Tulum beach.

Tulum is notorious for having slow wifi speeds. If you're planning a getaway during this WFH era, it's crucial to know where you can stay to enjoy fast, reliable wifi.

Whether you are a full-time digital nomad or just looking for a WFH adventure, Tulum is perfectly situated to deliver a supreme escape from the daily grind. One of the best things about Tulum’s remote location is the ability to go “off-grid” and detach from reality. Nowadays, that is becoming increasingly difficult to do. With the world working from home and kids doing virtual learning, fast wifi is what allows us to relax, knowing we can connect when we need to. Since connectivity is an incredible value to our guests, we invested in the best wifi available in the region and now proudly offer fiber optic internet connection to all guests at no additional costs.

Why is Wifi in Tulum so bad?

Tulum Beach was once composed of small rustic offerings catering to those looking to immerse in nature and disconnect from the outside world. The organic evolution of Tulum did not include municipal services and infrastructure. To this day the infrastructure for basic wifi and phone service has never been properly installed and gaining access to fast internet is a costly endeavor that not many businesses take on. This makes Tulum beach an unpredictable zone for phone and internet connection. While most visitors really enjoy the ability to disconnect many of us are unable to disconnect for extended periods of time as the 'new normal' of work/life integration requires fast wifi connection.

Where is the best Wifi in Tulum?

At Mahanaha and Zorba, we have invested in bringing fiber optics to our properties because we understand the value it brings to the guest experience.

Tulum is split into two main areas: the hotel zone along the beach (which is where Mahayana and Zorba are located) and the town center. If you choose to stay in the town center, you'll find that internet connection is readily available and mostly consistent. The problem is, the town center is not where the action is. For those that are familiar with Tulum, you’d know that the main hotspot is in the Boutique Hotel area along the coast. Here you’ll find world-class dining, incredible shopping, and tucked-away boutique properties like ours that give Tulum its reputation for being the gem of the region.

Here are some of the benefits of staying at Mahayaha or Zorba Tulum Beach Homes:

1. Private Space: our villas are self-sufficient with all the comforts of home.

2. Private Beach: we have a private stretch of beach that is accessible only to our guests.

3. Low Density: our properties are low density with a laid-back vibe.

4. Private shuttle: we can arrange a door-to-door car service from Cancun Intl Airport.

5. Central Location: walk to explore the best restaurants, boutiques, and spas. Only a few minutes walk from "Follow that Dream" for the perfect Tulum photo op.

We hope you'll come down for a visit soon to test out the wifi while enjoying the unparalleled natural beauty of the region. You deserve it! When you are ready to plan your trip, please contact us at

Mahayana Tulum Beach Homes is a collection of exclusive beachfront villas in Tulum, Mexico.

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