The Top 5 Romantic Spots in Tulum, Mexico

Updated: Feb 8

During your stay at Mahayana Tulum, you will discover an undeniable feeling of romance that beholds our unique destination. Whether you are looking for a secluded spot to unwind or the perfect location to pop the question, Tulum is a wonderful place to be with the one you love.

The Top 5 most romantic spots in Tulum:

1) Best Hidden Beach: Soliman Bay

You can find Soliman Bay Beach down a long, hidden road off the highway. This dirt road leads you along the perimeter of the shore. At the end of the road is an expansive, open beachfront with nothing more than palm trees and the wildness of nature. A charming shanty restaurant fries up the catch of the day and you can spend hours lounging in the hammocks or collecting rocks and shells along the water’s edge. Just a quick car ride from Tulum, this spot is a must for a quiet place to enjoy the sun with the one you love.

The amazing view of Soliman Bay via Instagram @shis25

2) Best place to connect with Nature: Sian Ka’an

Sian Ka’an is a natural biosphere reserve and a world heritage site. It is one of the most spectacular and ecologically diverse places on the planet. As one of the largest protected areas in the Caribbean Sea, there is countless vegetation and wildlife to observe. Just a short distance from Tulum city, it is the perfect place to spend an adventurous day together as a couple.

The breathtaking natural beauty of Sian Kaan. Photo via

3) Most Unique Experience: Dos Ojos Cenote, private dinner

For those of you who don’t know, a cenote is an intricate system of underground, water caves. There are a countless number of these cave systems in the Yucatan Peninsula—the ground in this area is quite porous. The characteristic of a cenote is crystal-clear, sweet water that seems to have been untouched by time. The electric blue hues of the water and the bright green accents from the surrounding jungle are truly breathtaking. At Dos Ojos, it is possible to arrange a private dinner amidst this beauty, which is a sure way to have an unforgettable date night.

Photo of Dos Ojos Cenote from Instagram via @hopereid

4) Best Dinner Date: Kitchen Table

While we love the famous Hartwood Restaurant just as much as the next person. We understand that waiting in line for your table isn’t the best way to spend your date night. For an experience equally as romantic with delicious food, we recommend Kitchen Table Restaurant. The open kitchen concept, twinkle lights, and deep jungle ambiance come together for an undeniably romantic experience. Just remember, it’s cash only.

This romantic shot at Open Kitchen restaurant was discovered via Instagram @openkitchentulum, @amandiuxzw

5) Most Impressive Site: Tulum Ruins

The iconic cliff-side Mayan temple and fortress city is a surreal and powerful place. As the most picturesque archaeological site in all of Mexico, this spot is a beautifully romantic place to make a grand gesture. During sunrise or sunset, this sea view ruin is nearly secluded which makes it the perfect time of day to enjoy this amazing place.

This beautiful photo of the Tulum Ruins via Instagram at @compass_and_passport

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