Tulum Holidays, a season to share and connect

Are you ready for a change of scene? Winter holidays are just around the corner and time is starting to fly. Before we know it, we will all be immersed in the holiday season state of mind.

The state of Quintana Roo just entered “green”, Mexico’s lowest Covid rating, which means even safer travel with very few restrictions in Tulum. The pleasures of life are returning everywhere and we know you are ready to add some sunshine to your plans. Given the impact COVID has had on our lives, celebrations will be extra special this year.

All that we’ve been through this past year and a half has prompted deep reflection about our lives, our behaviors, and what matters most. Now is the time to take action on these thoughts and integrate what we have learned. We have enough stuff, what we really crave are meaningful experiences.

People are ready to set aside consumerism and material things and reach for something that illuminates the soul. We certainly are. We believe people are ready to create new memories with the people they love and cut out the “noise” that is typically associated with this time of year.

What better way to create wonderful experiences than through travel?

Here in Tulum, things are a little different than a typical destination. Art is everywhere and creative expression is a way of life - incredible food, world-class art installations, mind-bending architecture, and naturally stunning beaches that extend for miles. This combination of beauty and imagination is mostly found in fairytales and storybooks, but it is very much alive here.

A holiday vacation in Tulum invites you to spend time away from routine and activate the senses with culture and seascapes that only this part of the Mexican Caribbean can offer.

Our Mahayana and Zorba properties offer the ideal space to explore the magic with the comfort of a private Villa or home in the best beachfront locations in Tulum. Our hotel-style villas are perfect for families and groups. The central locations make Zorba and Mahayana ideal for inter-generational and group travel as you can toss aside logistics - you are already in the best spot - and give everyone the freedom to slowly wander and explore on foot. Kids are always welcome and we are equipped with everything little ones need to make them feel safe and at home.

Our friendly staff can arrange for private airport transfers and even a private chef to prepare amazing meals, so you don’t even have to worry about anything. Our team will help you every step of the way so you get the best experience of Tulum and only need to focus on creating memories, and sharing and connecting with the ones you love. Our properties are for guests only and provide the ultimate experience for families and groups in the Tulum area.

Due to the high demand this season, we recommend you to book your holiday stay early to get the best deals and so you can start planning your vacation in paradise. New Year’s dates are sold out, but not to worry, we have Christmas availability. And holidays on the beach are the best gift you can give your family this year!

If you are interested in learning more about booking at Mahayana or Zorba do not hesitate to contact us directly at reservations@mahayanatulum.com or reservations@zorbatulum.com.


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